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You should know some things about codeine before you purchase it though. Countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The US and the UK consider codeine a controlled substance. In some countries it is available without prescription when it is combined in a preparation by a licensed pharmacist in doses up to 15 mg tablets in Australia and Poland.



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You can legally buy it without a prescription if you find a pharmacy located in one of these countries. It is illegal to buy drugs online from foreign pharmacies if you live within the US and have then shipped to the US. This is because many of these medications are expired, have to wrong dosage strength or are shipped with no dosage directions or warnings. The US does have legal websites that you can buy codeine online from but you must have a prescription to do so. A doctor’s consultation is sometimes required before you are allowed to buy codeine online from some of these websites.


You can still find these websites even though the FDA is attempting to stop this practice of doctor consultation. Comparison websites are a great way to find reputable websites that offer codeine for sale. These websites compare a number of points and rate each one from good to bad. You can choose from their list of websites to deal with and rest assured that you are using a reputable website. PayPal and credit card are the preferred method of most reputable websites so make sure yours offers these methods. Legitimate websites offer these to make payment easier and prove their legitimacy. It takes time to fill and order, prepare it for shipping and for the postal service to deliver it so stay away from websites that offer overnight shipping.


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